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If you or a loved one has stomach cancer, it is always a worrying time. Trying to find reliable and detailed information on everything from symptoms to treatment is not easy.

Here at MyStomachCancerSymptoms.Com, you will find all the information that you need.

Whatever your circumstance, whether sufferer, loved one, carer or just want to find out more – qualified help is here for you.  

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Gastric Cancer Help On:

Signs of Stomach Cancer

Everything you need to know about the symptoms and Signs

Types of Stomach Cancer

Learn about the various tumor types that can occur.

Stomach Cancer Diagnosis

Learn about the investigations used to diagnose gastric cancer.

Stomach Cancer Treatment

Take a look at the various treatment options available for you

Stomach Cancer Prognosis

Consider carefully whether you want to look at this, prognosis fully explained

Advanced Stomach Cancer

Information for those with advanced or terminal stomach cancer

Stomach Cancer Visitors Stories

An opportunity to share your story, to inspire and provide hope to others with the condition

Useful Addresses For You

Some useful addresses for you and your relatives. Organisations that might be helpful for you.

And much, much more!

If you think you might have the condition, take a look at this ask yourself, have I got any of these.....

Stomach Cancer Symptoms Which Include:

·         A new onset of heartburn or Indigestion

·         Unexplained weight loss

·         Early satiety or feeling full too early when eating meals

·         Bloating

·         Dysphagia or a feeling of food sticking

·         Regurgitating or vomiting food

·         Tired

·         Have black stools

If the answer to any of these is YES, you must see your doctor for further investigation.

Fortunately in a lot of cases the problem will be benign, but if not, the earlier it is found the better.

If you have confirmed Stomach or Gastric Cancer symptoms, I am here to help supply the information you need.

Yes, you are not alone.  It can be a very frightening time and a lot of this can be due to fear of the unknown.

You may feel that you can’t discuss your fears or concerns with those closest to you or that you fear asking for the advice that you really need.

Take a look around the “My Stomach Cancer Symptoms site”, it’s here to help and educate.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, let me know as I'm always looking for new ideas and happy to advise you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Best Wishes


Peter Thatcher MBBS, MRCPI

Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

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