Youv'e Found An Abdominal Lump

If you have felt an abdominal lump, chances are it won’t be stomach cancer. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who prod their ‘bellies’ and convince themselves that they have the big C!

That said I would never try to put people off checking their bodies as I would prefer a ‘false alarm’ to a real cancer, something I am sure would be confirmed by the vast majority of people who visit this site because they do have stomach cancer.

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Abdominal Lump

So there you are, prodding your belly and you feel a lump. The fear comes over you and your mind then goes a little bit haywire.

Logic would say go seek medical advice, but oh no what do you do? You end up going on the internet and start reading this!

At this point in time I would say, stop reading and go see your doctor, but I know human nature isn’t like that and you will want to read on.

Why? Because you want to find out what could be causing your lump, could it be stomach cancer?

Well, don’t blame me for this as I told you so!

So, what Is The Cause Of your abdominal lump?

Causes Of Lumps In The Abdomen

Worried About An Abdominal Lump?

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Probably the most common reason for feeling a lump in your belly is a lipoma, a fatty BENIGN tumor that grows in the fat under your skin.

They are very common and can grow to a very large size indeed, but the important thing is that they don’t spread to other parts of your body.

Another common reason for feeling a lump is the mind…..yes it’s true a lot of people convince themselves (and sometimes their doctors) that they have an abdominal lump and nothing will sway them from this, not until they have had every test and reassurance ‘under the sun’.

You know what I am talking about, hypochondriasis and its spreading!

No, in all seriousness there will be the one in a million (well maybe not that number) who will have something serious whether this be a stomach cancer or other condition.

The list of causes of abdominal lumps is long and I have listed some of these below. The list is not exhaustive, but for the unsuspecting medical student reading this or maybe you as the pseudo-doctor who wants to self-diagnose, this may help you.

 So here's your list of causes of lumps in the abdomen

  • Lipoma or fatty lump
  • Sebaceous Cyst
  • Psychological
  • Hernias – Inguinal, incisional (at previous operation site) plus ‘others’
  • Lymph Nodes – Benign and Malignant causes
  • Enlarged abdominal organ or ‘viscera’ – Liver, Spleen, kidney being the most common and can be a sign of serious illness
  • Gallbladder enlargement
  • Faeces
  • Fetus – Yes, that’s baby in women
  • Fluid or ascites – Can be seen in malignant and non-malignant conditions.
  • Flatus or gas in the bowel
  • Abscesses
  • Cancer
  • Appendix mass

So there you are, I have put ‘cancer’ at the end to show it’s the least likely cause for your lump.

BUT do get it checked and don’t read this and think ‘oh everything’s fine’.

It probably is, but for some visitors to my site it isn't and stomach cancer is a big deal along with a lot of the other causes I have outlined. So……

Go To The Doctor

Yes, go get it checked out. They will not belittle you, nor will they tell you to go away – at least not until they know what the cause of your lump is.

In the majority of cases, they will diagnose the problem there and then. If this is the case – GREAT! They can advise you as to whether you need any investigations or treatment for it.

If not, they will reassure and send you on your way – hooray!

Tests For Abdominal Lumps

Ah, so you need a test. So what will it be? Likely you will need an ultrasound to look at the cause or may be a more complex CT scan.

Whatever you need, the list of tests is exhaustive and I won’t trouble you with them here.

On a final note, I have written this page not to belittle, but to provide humor to what is a very frightening experience.

But do me a favour, you now know some of the potential causes, go get it checked and if it is stomach cancer, don’t forget where you read this and good luck to you.

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