Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer

by Mary

Barry's Story

Barry's Story

My loving husband, Barry, was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 months ago. He is only 42 years old and we were shocked when the diagnosis was given to us.

He had been getting abdominal pains and not eating properly for a few months. One significant thing I noticed was the amount of weight he had lost.

When I first met him he weighed 15 stone, but now he only weighs 9 ½ stone! He went to the doctor who thought it was probably just an ulcer and sent him to the hospital for an endoscopy test.

It was only once he had the endoscopy that the stomach cancer was found and my life fell apart. I try to help him by giving him high calorie foods, but he just doesn't want to eat them and this makes me panic a lot.

He went for scans once he was diagnosed and these showed that he has tumor in his liver as well. As a result, we have been told that he can’t have surgery unless he responds to the chemotherapy he has been put on.

Barry is due to have further scans once he has completed his chemotherapy. I worry a lot about what they will show and how the future is going to be.

We have 2 children, the youngest is 13 and the eldest is 15 years old. I try to protect them from all this, but I think they understand how bad things are.

As for the care he has had so far, I can only give praise to all the staff that have cared for Barry – they are all great and have been really helpful to me.

Don’t want to think too much about the future, but live for the day.

Message From Peter About Your Husband Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer

Thank you for taking the time in telling us about Barry and his stomach cancer.

Being diagnosed so young is truly awful and my heart goes out to you.

Having being diagnosed so young makes me wonder if Barry has a hereditary form of the condition. You might find my page on hereditary tumors useful.

Also, you mentioned about the problem you have with Barry’s nutrition and you might find my page on post-gastrectomy diet helpful.

Whilst I understand that he hasn't had surgery, there is some useful information in there to help improve his nutrition.

Hopefully he will get through the chemotherapy okay and then get some good news.

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My thoughts are with you
by: Kathy

Thank you for sharing your story. My husband is 70 years old and was diagnosed in July of 2015 with stage IIIa stomach cancer. He underwent 6 weeks of chemotherapy, and 6 weeks of radiation to shrink the tumor prior to surgery. Surgery in March 2016 showed that the cancer was stage IV and had spread into the pancreas. They immediately stopped the operation and we returned home. He is currently having chemotherapy with Paclitaxel and Cyramza, but is experiencing so much burning with everything he tries to eat. He drinks instant breakfast shakes, eats ice cream and cream of wheat, but very little else. He feels tired and weak every day. He is thinking about having a feeding tube put in until he finishes the chemo. The oncologist plans to order a PET scan after 2 months to see if the chemo is working. I tried making protein shakes for him, but he can't tolerate them. I hope your husband is able to have surgery...I think it offers the best hope.

Stage 4 stomach cancer
by: Anonymous

Hi my husdand was told he has stagee stomach cancer 4 weeks ago not curable. So getting pallative care and hope chemotherapy. Seeing oncologist next week .My husdand i are both 46 so scary Hope all going well with ur husdands treatment

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