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The Stomach Cancer Blog

Stomach Cancer Surgery- Procedure Options

Stomach cancer surgery with either a full or partial gastectomy can be curative although there are potential risks to this form of treatment

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Stomach Cancer Chemotherapy - Drugs : Options

You might be offered stomach cancer chemotherapy as a treatment for your tumor. This may be given either before surgery to shrink it or after

Continue reading "Stomach Cancer Chemotherapy - Drugs : Options"

Stomach Cancer Treatments: Best Types

Stomach cancer treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy (drugs), radiotherapy, a combination of the three or palliative care.

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My Grandma Has Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

I just found out that my Grandma at 86 years old has Stage 4 Stomach cancer. I am so thankful she has decided against taking Chemo...but her oncologist

Continue reading "My Grandma Has Stage 4 Stomach Cancer"

I Survived Stomach Cancer After Being Told I'd Live 9 Months

At the age of 65 in Nov 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer. I had no symptoms except a low hemoglobin of 9 in July. The MD I had at that

Continue reading "I Survived Stomach Cancer After Being Told I'd Live 9 Months"

Scared Out Of My wits That I Have Stomach Cancer

I am scared out of my wits that I have stomach cancer! I have developed a new swelling under my right rib cage, and that area and upper abdomen feel uncomfortable,

Continue reading "Scared Out Of My wits That I Have Stomach Cancer"

Pernicious Anaemia And Stomach Cancer

I'm a 54 year old female living in the UK. I am very worried about the possibility of stomach cancer. My concerns started a few months ago when I became

Continue reading "Pernicious Anaemia And Stomach Cancer"

Mother diagnosed with stomach cancer post mortum

Her endoscopy showed nothing. Yet for months, she was losing weight, bowel problems, abdominal pain, anemia. She also suffered from a heart condition and

Continue reading "Mother diagnosed with stomach cancer post mortum"

Stomach Cancer Patient Stories - Real : Motivational!

Knowing other peoples stomach cancer patient stories provides inspiration, education, advice and so much more. This forum is for you to share thoughts

Continue reading "Stomach Cancer Patient Stories - Real : Motivational!"

Just got diagnosed With Gastric Cancer!

I was recently (Oct. 23rd) diagnosed with between a stage 2 and 3 gastric cancer in the GI junction. My doctor is treating me with Taxol and Carboplatin

Continue reading "Just got diagnosed With Gastric Cancer!"

a broken heart and shattered soul after mom left me

My mother passed away from stage 4 stomach cancer. She fought it to the very end. I love her and I miss her so much. She experienced significant weight

Continue reading "a broken heart and shattered soul after mom left me"

My Chemotherapy For Stomach Cancer

I am 73, in excellent health other than the stomach cancer recently diagnosed. The Cancer is late stage 2, possible very early stage three. I have been

Continue reading "My Chemotherapy For Stomach Cancer"

Gastrectomy: The Art Of Eating Without A Stomach

Having had a partial or total gastrectomy for stomach cancer it’s important to get the right diet advice. Now you can get this in an easy to read book

Continue reading "Gastrectomy: The Art Of Eating Without A Stomach"

Worried I Might Have Stomach Cancer

I am worried I might have stomach cancer. I have had symptoms of indigestion and heart burn as well as stomach pain for 10 months, given Omeprazole but

Continue reading "Worried I Might Have Stomach Cancer"

How Long You Can Live with Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

I'm trying to find out how long I can live with stage 4 stomach cancer? My father was 52 years old when he died from this tumor. I was a child at the

Continue reading "How Long You Can Live with Stage 4 Stomach Cancer"

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