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The Stomach Cancer Blog

EOX Chemotherapy

EOX chemotherapy is often used in the treatment of stomach cancer. It is a combination of Epirubicin, Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine.

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Stomach Cancer Tumor Markers

Stomach cancer tumor markers are substances found in the blood of patients and can be used to aid management of the condition.

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Coughing And Retching After Gastrectomy

Coughing and retching after gastrectomy is a quite common, but rather unpleasant symptom in stomach cancer patients who have had surgery.

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Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer

My loving husband, Barry, was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 months ago. He is only 42 years old and we were shocked when the diagnosis was given to

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Li-Fraumeni Syndrome And Stomach Cancer

Li-Fraumeni syndrome is a rare cancer syndrome which can be inherited and is associated with stomach cancer.

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Conditions That Can Mimic Stomach Cancer

There are conditions that can mimic stomach cancer symptoms and it is clearly important to exclude these.

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How Do You Get Stomach Cancer?

So, how do you get stomach cancer? May be you know someone with the condition or are concerned that you may be at risk.

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Krukenberg Tumor

A Krukenberg tumor occurs when a stomach cancer spreads to the ovaries. They account for approximately 2% of cancers in the ovary and are signet ring adenocarcinomas.

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Performance Status In Gastric Cancer Patients

Doctors use performance status to determine whether you are fit enough for stomach cancer treatment. It is a measure of wellness and can also be used as a research tool, in clinical trials

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Stopping Your Stomach Cancer Treatment

Stopping your stomach cancer treatment may be something you are considering. There are many reasons why people stop their treatment and this should always be done in conjunction with your specialist

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Recurrence Of Stomach Cancer

Hearing that you have a recurrence of stomach cancer is always devastating news. You have been through so much first time around with surgery and possibly chemotherapy.

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Stomach Cancer Clinical Trials

Stomach cancer clinical trials are important as they are a way of determining whether a drug or therapy is beneficial or not.

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Bone Metastases In Stomach Cancer

Bone metastases in stomach cancer patients usually occur late in the disease. Their presence indicates stage 4 disease, when the probability of cure is unfortunately rare.

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Philanthropy For Stomach Cancer

I am a passionate believer in philanthropy for stomach cancer care and research.

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Gastric Lymphoma

Gastric lymphoma accounts for less than 15% of all stomach malignancies. They arise from the lymphatic system, the cell waste removal system of your body.

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