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The Stomach Cancer Blog

Stomach Cancer or Ulcer

I am a 65 year old female and worry that I might have stomach cancer or an ulcer. About three months ago I received bad news that put me into a month

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My daddy died of Stomach Cancer

My daddy died of stomach cancer just last Wednesday which had spread to his liver, pancreas, intestines, and throat. He suffered for 4 months misdiagnosed.

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Awaiting diagnosis

My mom is awaiting diagnosis. She started having what she describes as abdominal discomfort, not actual pain. This has been accompanied by nausea and

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What Is FOLFIRI Chemotherapy? - Side Effects : Response

FOLFIRI chemotherapy is a combination of Folinic acid, 5-Flurouracil and Irinecan Hydrochloride used as second or third line therapy when relapsed

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EOX Chemotherapy - Ellence : Eloxatin : Xeloda

EOX chemotherapy is often used in the treatment of stomach cancer. It is a combination of Epirubicin, Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine.

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Gastrojejunostomy - Procedure : Palliative : Diet

A gastrojejunostomy procedure is a gastric bypass or roux-en-y surgery used when you are unable to eat due to the stomach cancer

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MRI For Stomach Cancer - About : Risks : Problems

MRI for stomach cancer patients is used in a variety of different situations. Using magnets, this examination doesn't use x-ray technology

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Stomach Cancer In Young People – Under 40 : Misdiagnosis

Stomach cancer in young people is unusual, but when it occurs, is often misdiagnosed as a more benign condition such as an ulcer or acid reflux.

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ECF Chemotherapy : Regimen : Side Effects

ECF chemotherapy comprises of Epirubicin, Cisplatin and 5-Flurouracil and is used as perioperative therapy and in advanced stomach cancer.

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FOLFOX Chemotherapy - Eloxatin : Adrucil : Side Effects

FOLFOX chemotherapy comprises of Folinic acid, Oxaliplatin and 5-Flurouracil treatment for advanced stomach cancer & pre-surgical neoadjuvant therapy.

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Stomach Cancer Tumor Markers - CA199 : CEA : Pepsinogen

Stomach cancer tumor markers are substances found in the blood of patients and can be used to aid management of the condition.

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Coughing And Retching After Gastrectomy

Coughing and retching after gastrectomy is a quite common, but rather unpleasant symptom in stomach cancer patients who have had surgery.

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Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer

My loving husband, Barry, was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 months ago. He is only 42 years old and we were shocked when the diagnosis was given to

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Li-Fraumeni Syndrome - LFS : TP53 Gene Mutation

Li-Fraumeni syndrome is a rare cancer syndrome which can be inherited and is associated with stomach cancer.

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Other Conditions That Can Mimic Stomach Cancer

There are conditions that can mimic stomach cancer symptoms and it is clearly important to exclude these.

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