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If you would like to support my mission to provide unbiased, accurate, qualified and detailed help and advice on stomach cancer including:

  • Providing Quality FREE Information On Stomach Cancer For All
  • Promote Stomach Cancer Awareness
  • Provide Support For Those With, or Carers Of, Sufferers
  • Motivate Others To Help And Support Stomach Cancer Organisations and Research

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Being supported by my readers allows me to give back to you the information, advice and support that you need and to keep up to date with all the developments in this field.

Is It A Non-Profit Organisation?

No, MyStomachCancerSymptoms.Com is a for-profit sole trader.

Whilst I hold similar values to non-profit organisations, as the sole owner or “the little guy”, it would be very difficult to compete in such a major funding arena for awards and grants.

I am not trading anything other than providing free information for you, but there are many costs involved in running this type of web site which have to be addressed.

Why It's A For Profit Site

Being the sole owner of MyStomachCancerSymptoms.Com I have advantage over other organisations.

The site is produced with high quality content and is totally under my control, both in creation and production.

By being a trained, experienced physician I provide truly RELIABLE and INDEPENDENT advice.

A non-profit would require specific registration; require more staffing and organisation in such a large market.

I also believe in self support and through donations it allows for this without need to resort to irritating advertising banners on the web site.

You can feel at ease to click on any part of this website knowing it is related to, not any advertising partner.

Disadvantages For The 'Little Guy'

There are a number of disadvantages in being the 'little guy' as there are many costs involved in creating, promoting and providing a quality site. These include:

  • Hosting Costs
  • Material Costs
  • Site Maintenance Costs
  • Up To Date Information and Development Costs
  • And The Cost Of Many Hours Of Work Too!

Why Supporting Me Is So Important

Your donation means so much and requires a big thank you because, not only are you supporting the “little guy”, you are also supporting stomach cancer education, support and guidance.

I also believe in philanthropy so when funds allow, donations will be made to stomach cancer support organisations including:

Information on donations will be published on this site. Please note, any donation you make is not tax deductible.

Thank you for supporting MyStomachCancerSymptoms.Com.

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