A unpleasant surprise for our family

by ugur

I will tell you about my father`s story who is living in Turkey. He is 68 years old and he was very healthy and active until he was feeling tired 3 months ago. He had H.pylori and it was treated before but he developed dyspepsia and has been taking PPI medications for several years.

We went to a family physician and found out that his hemoglobin levels are so low. They planned a colonoscopy and found nothing, but the gastroenterologist wanted to check the esophagus as well. He found a 4x3 cm abnormal bleeding area, and the biopsy results showed that it is a gastric cancer.

We took him to a surgeon and planned his surgery, they took the whole stomach and the distal part of esophagus. Pathology reports are showing that the surgery borders are clean but he had 22/23 local lymph nodes which were affected. He has also had a PET-CT scan and no metastasis were found.

After the surgery he lost 15kg. ( he is now 72kg, 165cm) and have some cramps after eating food.He is eating small amounts 7 times a day. the hemoglobin levels are fine, Creatinine levels have also dropped to 1.2.

Now he will be taking this first chemo (FOLFOX regimen) next week. We want to support his medication with complimentary medicine (Trametes Versicolor, PSK) which has very good clinical results in human trials. Also this is in the treatment list of the Japanese Medical Society. I wonder if anyone has similar experiences in using this kind of supportive medications.

Thanks for your comments in advance.

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