Awaiting Diagnosis

My mom is awaiting diagnosis. She started having what she describes as abdominal "discomfort," not actual pain.  

This has been accompanied by nausea and a feeling of being very full and extremely full after eating even a very small amount.  

She also has developed a mass in the upper middle portion of her stomach.  

After two to three months without any changes in the symptoms, she saw her GP who did a lab workup.  The labs all came back normal except for a positive H. pylori IgG and slightly high creatinine.  CBC was normal.  

She was then referred to a GI specialist for an endoscopy.

During the endoscopy, they took something (we weren't told what) and sent it in for biopsy.

They also did a colonoscopy, as she has never had one and is now age 70.  

They removed one large polyp and sent that for biopsy as well.  

She was instructed to call back in eight days for the results.

Two days later, the GP called to let us know they would be calling her later to schedule an ultrasound.  

A few hours later they called back and asked her to come in to be examined (?) but not about the ultrasound.  This is scheduled for Tuesday, two days before the biopsy results were to be given.

Needless to say, we are terrified and have not been told anything.  

We have no idea if she has cancer or an ulcer but hopefully will know something Tuesday.  

The odd thing is that she continues to eat because she knows her body needs food, even though she's never hungry and eating causes severe discomfort, satiety and nausea.  

I'm hoping the fact that she continues to eat and has normal blood counts that perhaps it won't be cancer.  

She doesn't have bleeding anywhere and has not had vomiting, just daily nausea.

I would so appreciate any insight anyone can give regarding this situation.  Thanks! Cheryl, USA

Difficult Time Awaiting Diagnosis Of Possible Stomach Cancer

Sorry to hear about your mom. It’s always such a difficult time when anyone is awaiting a diagnosis and there are always so many things that go through your mind when this happens.

The symptoms your mom has could be attributed to stomach cancer, but they could also be due to benign or non-malignant causes too.

Until she is told her diagnosis, you just need to support her as much as you can as she must be worrying as much as you about this.

The colonoscopy finding may well turn out to be a benign polyp or possibly an adenoma. 

These are commonly found and removed as they can become cancerous in the years to come and by removing them it takes away that possibility.

Ultrasounds are commonly used tests to help determine what is going wrong too as they can be used to define any “masses” as well as to look for other causes of abdominal discomfort.

Regardless of cause, it is important for your mom to eat and maintain her nutrition. 

If this turns out to be stomach cancer, she may surgery to deal with it.

Anyone who embarks on surgery will lose weight, so starting from a healthy weight is so important. 

Her blood tests are also good which is encouraging, but don’t read too much in to this as they can be normal and still have a problem.

I wish both you and your mom the best whilst awaiting diagnosis and hope that there is a successful outcome to this.

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