So Can You Survive Stage 4 Stomach Cancer?

Can you survive stage 4 stomach cancer? Well the answer is YES, 1 in 25 of sufferers will survive the disease or approximately 4% of people.

These odds may seem very low, but it is a well-known fact that you can overcome adversity and fight off the disease.

But how is that possible?

How Can You Survive Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Well, no one can actually tell you how it is possible when the disease has becomes so widespread, but people do.

So, how do they do this? Well, I have thought about this long and hard and come up with a few explanations as to how they have achieved this.

Your Age

There is no doubt, outcomes are better the younger you are. There could be a variety of reasons for this including your will and fight, better immune systems and probably the offer of more intensive treatment although this is a controversial comment.

Your Health

As we all grow older, we usually although not exclusively, start collecting illnesses. If you are already ill, you are less likely to survive.

Why should this be? Well, it is probably a combination of your illness taking too much toll on your body and also you are less likely to be offered intensive treatments because of the potential of causing more harm than good.

The Type Of Tumor You Have

Whilst a lot of people consider gastric malignancies as being adenocarcinoma, there are other tumors that are more responsive to treatment.

Can you survive stage 4 stomach cancer when other tumors are the cause?

Certainly the prognosis is better in:

  •  Gastric carcinoids
  • GIST tumors 
  • Lymphomas

The Treatment Offered

The type of treatment you are offered probably has a roll. Accepting chemotherapy and radiotherapy to help shrink your tumor down could potentially result in a response, enough to then be offered surgery and potential cure.

Your Hospital

There is no doubt, regardless of your illness, hospitals do vary in terms of death rates and treatment success.

In the UK, there is a swing in favour of specialist centres, rather than it necessarily been offered in your local hospital.

By having these centres of excellence, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome because you are going to be offered the most up to date treatments.

Your Religion

Some believe that religion and positive mental attitude can have a bearing on outcome. This has not been confirmed, but I do believe that having a belief can help you to get through your treatment.

Your Nutrition Status

Poor nutrition is common in patients.

Malnourishment increases risk of infection and complications due to low immunity and inability to fight off illness.

The better nourished you are, prior to treatment, the better your chance of survival.

Survival - The Unknown Facts

When you look at whether you can survive stage 4 stomach cancer there are clearly winners and losers in life. There are inevitably some people that will win the battle and some who will sadly lose.

My main advice on this subject (having seen many people with the condition), is to remain optimistic, try to maintain your nutrition and explore all potential treatment avenues available to you with your oncologist.

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