Stomach Cancer Patient Stories

Welcome to the stomach cancer patient stories page. Whether you’ve been directly affected by the condition or know someone close to you who has, your individual review's unique. Sharing such experiences with other people living with this cancer is rewarding. 

And by doing so, you’ll receive comments from other visitors who’ll lend support to you. After all, having stomach cancer can lonely, but you’re not alone here. With like minded people you’ll not only receive warm comments, but other’s experiences too . After all, we all have something in common, a desire to share personal experience’s.

Let others learn from your experiences and draw strength, knowing that they are not alone. So, If you would like to share your personal stomach cancer story, i'll show you just how easy it is…

Stomach Cancer Patient Stories

A Template For Your Stories

You can create your own story in your own way, but you might like to consider some of these prompts:

  • Describe your background and what your were doing prior to your diagnosis
  • Your initial Symptoms
  • How long did it take to see your doctor after symptoms started?
  • How you coped initially and when did you first see your doctor about the condition?
  • How soon did you see your specialist?
  • Where are you in your journey now?
  • Has it changed you as a person?
  • Would you have changed anything looking back?
  • Have you had any bad experiences in your journey?
  • Have you had any good experiences in your journey?
  • How have you found your medical care?
  • How have you coped with your diagnosis?

How To Share Your Stomach Cancer Patient Stories

It couldn’t be easier! Just add a title in the box below. You can call it what you like, but I would suggest adding your first name to the’s an example “John's Stomach Cancer Story”. Then in the box below this, just let the story flow by adding it to the box. Make the story more special by adding a photo, after all we all like to putThen add the word in the next box, so we all know you really are human!  And then…hit the send button and that’s it!

What Will Happen After You Submit Your Story?

When you submit your story, you will receive a reply from me. I’ll then review your story before publishing it. You’ll receive a message from me once it’s been approved with details of how you’ll be able to view it. You’ll then receive notice when someone comments on your story.

So are you ready to share your motivational journey?

Share Your Stomach Cancer Story

Share your stomach cancer journey here. Its so easy to do and you can help others by doing so as well as yourself!

Other Visitors Stomach Cancer Stories

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I will tell you about my father`s story who is living in Turkey. He is 68 years old and he was very healthy and active until he was feeling tired 3 months …

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My little brother is 33 years old and was just diagnosed two weeks ago with stage 4 stomach cancer (poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma). He is in otherwise …

So far so good 
I was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer 13 months ago. Today i feel great. The initial diagnosis was quite a shock. Otherwise I was in good health …

I Survived Stomach Cancer After Being Told I'd Live 9 Months 
At the age of 65 in Nov 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer. I had no symptoms except a low hemoglobin of 9 in July. The MD I had …

My Chemotherapy For Stomach Cancer 
I am 73, in excellent health other than the stomach cancer recently diagnosed. The malignancy is late stage 2, possible very early stage three. …

Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer 
My loving husband, Barry, was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 months ago. He is only 42 years old and we were shocked when the diagnosis was …

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