Stomach Cancer Patient Stories

Stomach Cancer Patient Stories

Knowing other peoples stomach cancer patient stories provides inspiration, education, advice and so much more.

This forum is for you to share thoughts, your concerns, your motivational journey, your treatment and much, much more with other sufferers.

It's also for relatives and friends who would like to share their thoughts too and create their own blog of events.

You can come back and make further comments to your own story with updates on what you have been doing, the treatment you are receiving and how it's going.

Yes this really is your own little mini blog and a very therapeutic way of dealing with your malignancy and in your own way too!

A problem shared is a problem halved!

A Template For Your Stories

You can create your own story, but you might like to consider these in your story.

  • Your initial Symptoms
  • Have you a family history?
  • How long did it take to see your doctor after symptoms started?
  • Did your doctor diagnose you?
  • What treatments you have had?
  • Where are you in your journey now?
  • Has it changed you as a person?
  • Would you have changed anything looking back?
  • Have you had any bad experiences in your journey?
  • Have you had any good experiences in your journey?
  • How have you found your medical care?

Your Personal Stomach Cancer Patient Stories

The forum not only gives you an opportunity to share, it is a way of helping to forward awareness and how it affects people.

After all, what better expert than you?

I am proud to receive your submissions.

Honestly, it’s really worth your time to do this and that’s a promise!

So are you ready to share your motivational journey?

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Share Your Stomach Cancer Story

Share your stomach cancer journey here. Its so easy to do and you can help others by doing so as well as yourself!

Other Visitors Stomach Cancer Stories

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At the age of 65 in Nov 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer. I had no symptoms except a low hemoglobin of 9 in July. The MD I had …

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I am 73, in excellent health other than the stomach cancer recently diagnosed. The malignancy is late stage 2, possible very early stage three. …

Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer 
My loving husband, Barry, was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 months ago. He is only 42 years old and we were shocked when the diagnosis was …

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