Cancer Specialist Nurse

A cancer specialist nurse is commonly found working within surgical and gastroenterology departments and has a very important part to play in your care.

They can also be found in the community working for palliative care

organisations such as:

  • MacMillan care
  • Marie Curie 

as well as other private organisations.

They are, in my opinion, vital to the smooth running of your care both in hospital and at home.

Your nurse will have had many years of experience within nursing and have undergone extra training within either surgery or medicine.

They have quite a lot of decision making autonomy, so if you have a problem they will likely be able to deal with it themselves.

However, if there is any issue they can’t help you with they will refer you to, or seek guidance from, the doctor coordinating your care.

Things Your Cancer Specialist Nurse Can Do

The things a specialist nurse can do really depend on where they are.

In Hospital

In hospital, the specific nurses you are likely to encounter are the UGI and oncology specialist nurse.

They are both involved with inpatients as well as outpatients and have key roles in:

  • Providing a point of contact for you should there be an issue
  • Educating you on your condition
  • Dealing with any problems that arise
  • Decision making and organisation of MDT’s or management decision meetings
  • Conveying information about your care at appropriate times
  • Providing emotional as well as physical support to you
  • Educating hospital staff

At Home

At home you will have access to the hospital based services, usually by phone contact or in outpatients.

If it's is not amenable to curative treatment, the role will be taken over by palliative nurse specialists at home.

They will be able to:

  • Help With Pain and Symptom Control
  • Provide Support When You Need It Most
  • Provide Information On Financial and Other Support Available
  • Help Co-ordinate Home, Hospice and Hospital Care
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have

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