About Dr Peter Thatcher

Hello I'm Dr Peter Thatcher, MBBS (the equivalent of MD in the US), gastroenterologist and author of this website dedicated to stomach cancer awareness and education.

I am a member of the British Society Of Gastroenterology or BSG and a former NHS consultant in the UK.

Cancer touches most of us at some point in our lives. It’s so common; one in three of us will develop the condition.

Stomach cancer is no exception to this with approximately 8,000 new cases in the UK each year.

I have first-hand experience of this, in both my professional life as well as my own personal tragedy.

The condition visited my family in 1990. My father, Graham Thomas Thatcher, a previously fit, although a little overweight 66 year old man, started to develop early satiety or feeling full quickly.

He occasionally regurgitated his food and started losing weight. Initially he thought this was good as he started slimming down to a weight that he hadn’t been for many years.

I was a young medical student at the time, but knew something wasn't right. After investigation we were given the devastating news that he had stage VI stomach cancer.

Dad was very brave and fought a very private battle with the disease. It was awful to see such a fine man, become such a shadow of his former self.

Dad died 6 weeks after I married, peacefully in his sleep at a hospice.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

Dr Peter Thatcher

My father never got to see me qualify as a doctor, nor did he ever know about the 10 grandchildren he was later to have. I know he would have loved them so much.

I also know that he would have approved of me creating this website, to help others with the condition.

In 1990, there wasn't such a site available to Dad, where he could gain gastric cancer help and access information, which would allow him to make an informed decision.

Well, now that you have a better understanding of my background, I'm sure you realise how important this is to me.

As a doctor, I'm hoping to provide quality, easily understood information for you, and as a son trying to giving back something to show that my father’s struggle with the illness wasn't to any avail.

I don’t want MyStomachSymptoms.com to be a harbinger of bad news, but rather to provide help and hope to those at a very difficult time in their lives.

After all, I have the advantage of seeing the disease from “both sides of the coin”, as a doctor trained to diagnose and manage this condition, as well as a very personal involvement too.

If you like my website and find it informative tell others, perhaps when you are sitting in the waiting room, on social media or even tell the doctors and nurses who are looking after you.

This sites sole purpose is to help and if I can help you, no matter how small then all the 1000's of hours building it was worthwhile.

I wish you well on your cancer journey and will be with you every step of the way.

Best Wishes


Dr Peter Thatcher

Author of The Art Of Eating Without A Stomach

PS This website has opened up a lot of avenues for me since I started building it myself using SBI or Solo Build It.

I have been invited to guest blog, review articles on Netdoctor.com and much more. 

I've really enjoyed building this website and would recommend it to anyone!

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