So How Do You Get Stomach Cancer?

So, how do you get stomach cancer? May be you know someone with the condition or are concerned that you may be at risk.

Whatever your situation, it is important to know ways of preventing the condition and you will learn more about this here.

How Do You Get Stomach Cancer -  The Facts

  • It is MORE Common In Old Age - Those Over The Age Of 60 years
  • It Is Associated With Smoking
  • Is Associated With Poor Exercise
  • Can Occur In People With H.pylori infection
  • Your Diet Can Increase Your Risk
  • Your Blood Group Type Can Increase Your Risk
  • If You Have A Family Member With The Condition, You Are More Likely To Get It
  • You May Have Increased Risk Depending On Where You Live

How Can I Reduce My Risk?

You can reduce your risk of developing it by:

  • Stopping Smoking
  • Take Regular Exercise
  • Getting Tested For H.pylori Infection And Treated If Positive
  • Having A Balanced Diet And Possibly Vitamin C Supplementation
  • Having Screening If You Have A Genetic Risk

Need More Information?

If you need information, please go to my information page which you can find in the signs and symptoms section, just follow the link below at the end of this page.

How Do You Get Tumors If You Have  A Family History?

I have covered this in another section for you and you can read more about this by going to the hereditary page in the prognosis section.

You are also more susceptible to getting stomach cancer if you have blood group A too.


There are a few myths including:

We All Have Genes That Cause it

This is FALSE, some people inherit a tendency to getting the condition, but in most cases we don’t.  

As cells divide, errors can occur in gene sequencing (genes program our phenotype or what makes us – us eg hair color, eye color etc). 

It is when this happens that tumors can occur and this is why we tend to get problems in old age or because of radiation which damages DNA.

You Can't Be Cured

This is FALSE. Whilst gastric cancer is resistant to treatment, some people DO survive and this is because of the ever improving treatments available.

If You Don't Inhale Your Cigarette Smoke You Won't Develop It

FALSE, smoke always finds a way in to the body and you can get this passively without knowing you are inhaling it!

Nothing Will Stop You Developing A Tumor

FALSE, if you don’t smoke, take regular exercise, don’t become obese and have a healthy, balanced diet.

Stopping Smoking Won't Reduce My Risk

FALSE, stopping smoking reduces not only your risk, but also of other smoking related disorders too!

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