I Survived Stomach Cancer After Being Told I'd Live 9 Months

by Charlotte

At the age of 65 in Nov 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer. I had no symptoms except a low hemoglobin of 9 in July. The MD I had at that time wasn't concerned with my anemia. I never want to see her again after what happened & never went back.

I went to the ER in November because I was so weak. I could not walk from one room to another-I thought I had the flu since I don't get any vaccines. I had 2 huge tumors, one in my stomach and 1 in my esophagus. I lost so much blood my hemoglobin was below 6. I had 11 blood transfusions while in I C U and was given 9 months to live.

I had emergency radiation to stop the bleeding and that worked. In fact I had a total of 25 treatments in all. After that I had 6 monthly chemotherapy treatments each lasting 5 days.

This past July everything looked good with the exception of some pelvic lymph nodes which I just recently had more radiation for...another 25 treatments. I'll have another CAT scan in a few weeks to be sure that took care of the lymph glands.

I feel wonderful except for the low energy which I know will get better with time. I've been a vegetarian since I was about 28. I’m not vegan as I do eat dairy products. I'm sure that helped my recovery. Because of that I wondered why I got this type of tumor to begin with. Also, I have nothing in my family history.

I also stopped sugar intake as cancer just feeds on sugar and increased the supplements I took. I used a Japanese remedy: honey with cinnamon once a day for 30 days. Who knows if that had any effect but I figured that I had nothing to lose at that point.

I have 2 excellent MD's who are just astonished at how well I've done and they call me their miracle girl. Not exactly a girl but that's fine with me. :) I hope this might help someone. I must say, I also was determined not to let this get me. I had lots to live for and wasn't ready to leave this earth quite yet. The last thing and perhaps the biggest: I had so many people praying for me!!

Inspirational Story of How You Survived Stomach Cancer after Being Told I'd Live 9 Months

Charlotte, thank you for sharing your inspirational story of how you stepped up to and are beating stomach cancer.
You are absolutely right about the anemia. At the age you were, this definitely should have been investigated further and to me is indefensible.

I think there is also a lot in what you say about diet and in particular the sugar you avoid. Sugar seems to be a major issue with population health in general and no more so than with tumors.

I'm so pleased to hear that you are doing so well and I am sure a lot of visitors will be equally inspired by your story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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