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Welcome to the investigation review page.  Whether you’ve been directly affected by stomach cancer or know someone close to you who has, maybe you are a health care professional, your individual review is unique. Sharing such experiences with other people living with this cancer is rewarding. 

You’ll receive comments from other visitors about investigations they’ve had. So whether its a review of your doctors appointment, endoscopy procedure, x-ray, barium swallow, MRI or CT do let us know your experiences. After all, we all have something in common, a desire to learn experiences, share information and provide praise to those giving good medical care.

So, If you would like to share your review, let me show you just how easy it is….

How To Share Your Investigation Review

It couldn’t be easier! Just add a title in the box below. You can call it what you like, but I would suggest adding your first name to the’s an example “Amy’s Investigation Review”. Then in the box below this, just let your review flow by adding it to the box. Make your review more special by adding a photo, after all we all like to put a face to your name. Then add the word in the next box, so we all know you really are human and not a machine!  And finally…hit the send button and that’s it!

What If I just Want To Add a Comment To A Review?

No problem! I know not everyone want's to post a review, there really is no pressure to do so. Importantly, when posting you don't have to add your surname so you can be quite anonymous in sharing your review here. 

What Happens Next…

I’ll take a look at your review before publishing it to make sure that it fits with my simple submission guidelines. These are:

• Keep it friendly and helpful - this is the most important rule. Take the time to share your story and write clearly. 

• Stay on topic - after all, no one want's to hear about anything that's not related to treatment here

• Don't link to other sites - this is not the place to add spam posts

• No submissions for expert medical advice - this is not the place for that sort of help

Once it’s been accepted you’ll receive a message from me once it’s been approved it with details of how you’ll be able to see it. You’ll then receive notice when someone comments it.

So are you ready to get started?

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