Mums linitis plastica

I would like to tell a story about my mums linitis plastica. She passed away on 09/05/18 only five weeks after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. 

For maybe a year and half she been complaining about food not digesting properly and given her bad heartburn and reflux. It started first with meat. 

She went and see a specialist, did a gastroscopy test back in May last year. They have found some polyps and removed them and told her not worry. She also had a CT which she was given all clear as she wanted to travel overseas. 

A few months later she started to get stronger symptoms and was losing weight. In October, she went to see the same specialist and he suggested repeating the test again. 

But because she had issues swallowing the food she thought that was caused by the first gastro test and saw a GP doctor. He suggested not to do it because it was done only in May. 

A few months later, in January this year all started happening. Abnormal stomach pain, first admission to local hospital. They found a blockage in her bowel. It was cleared and sent home. 

Two weeks later again, she was sent home from emergency after given some morphine. Third time was admitted, she stayed 2 weeks in hospital, all possible scans and x-rays were done and they only found a block in her kidney. 

Mum was sent home in the morning, but in the afternoon same the pain recurred again. She was taken to a different hospital. Her kidney almost failed and it was treated and she was then sent home few days later. 

The Doctor was told about all the symptoms in the stomach. Fifth time a week later again she was admited as an emergency, this time she had a few checks and one day in hospital. 

She went home again, doctors were considering it was some mental block why she wasn't eating and when she did, she vomited. Finally six time emergency visit, they have started checking everything. 

The gastroscopy was her last test, it took around 2 weeks for them to decide to do it. It showed she had stage 4 linitis plastica gastric cancer. Too late to do anything. 

Mum was given 2 weeks to live. We found a very nice hospice and she started to eat a little bit again and was treated very nicely. She managed to live almost 5 weeks after the diagnoses. 

It's been very difficult time and such a rollercoaster both for my mum and myself, as I was very close to her. I was there for her until almost the last breath. She was in a coma for last 3 days and as I went out to grab a coffee she died peacefully. 

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