My Chemotherapy For Stomach Cancer

by Bill
(Lebanon Ohio )

I am 73, in excellent health other than the stomach cancer recently diagnosed. The malignancy is late stage 2, possible very early stage three. I have been doing chemo (same 3 meds regimen as outlined here) for 9 weeks now……..two infusions every 3 weeks and pills daily. The overall game plan is the 3 treatments I am currently doing, then surgery, then some additional chemo.............My questions are these, for anyone who has done this regimen:

1. How long was the period from the end of the last treatment to the surgery, i.e., I had chemo today and will do 21 days of pills now, and then surgery. I am trying to understand how long others have waited from the end of the final 21 day period to the surgery date.

2. Did you have to do the chemo following the surgery, or if surgeon thought all was successful, was the final treatments dropped?

Thanks in advance and best to all of you suffering from the condition …........ stay positive and committed to realizing a full and complete cure..........never ever give in to this dreaded disease.


Thank You For Sharing Your Stomach Cancer History

Hi Bill

Thank you for sharing your stomach cancer history to date. I believe surgery is normally undertaken shortly after the chemotherapy stops.

The drugs are given to give you the best possible chance of cure and studies have shown this to be the case.

Post op chemotherapy may be offered to you, particularly if there is thought to be any residual disease left.

I'm sure others will be able to enlighten you on how they have had their disease managed and I wish you the very best with this.


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Response to Bill
by: so far so good


I had chemo then surgery and had to stop chemo 21 days before the operation to be in a good condition for surgery. I take herceptin post surgery. The 5fu and leucovorin were discontinued after surgery.

Best of luck

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