My mom's stage 3 stomach cancer diagnosis

by Megan Rose
(Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

So about a month ago my mother has had a hard time finishing all her food .

She noticed a slight swell in her stomach and went to the doctor immediately. The doctor identified it as a fibroid and said she'd need to under go surgery for that but I don't think the doctor was quite certain it was a fibroid as it was located on her ovaries.

She drank these medicines to clear out her stomach so that the growth inside her stomach could be more visible. She then spent a few hours in hospital for tests. A camera was put down her throat and a piece of the growth was cut out and tested.

We got the results a few days later and what we feared the most actually came true. She has stomach cancer. We were all shocked beyond measure but also so hopeful because there was so much that could be done.

If they had only given us one final result that would mean there is nothing that could be done to destruct the tumour-but they didn't. She also went for a heart and blood tests to make sure her heart is strong enough for the strong chemo that she will be receiving but we already knew that she was fit for the treatment. My moms health is excellent. She's never smoked or drunk significant amounts of alcohol, none of that and she's always eaten healthy.

Her other organs (heart,liver,kidney) are clean and functioning properly so that's a already a good thing. It's just her stomach that has been affected and my family and I truly have full confidence in this aggressive yet beneficial treatment.

Before my mom's diagnosis I've been making ginger tea with a squeeze of lemon and she drinks it every single day. I've also made nice healthy green smoothies that claim to fight cancer. Tonight I'll be making a nice red smoothie containing


I'm doing everything I can to ensure that her body stays clean and is filled with nutritional, flourishing foods and drinks

My mom is going to have 1 chemo session every 3 weeks and in between this period of time she'll be drinking the chemo tablets. So this will go on for about the 3 months. In total she'll have 3 chemotherapy sessions.

I'm expecting the smaller tumour to disappear and the bigger one to just shrink to a smaller size so that it's easier to operate and remove. My dad and I also ordered 30 bottles of nutritional medicine syrup called Forticare. So she is clearly in good hands 💛

My mom was fortunate enough to start chemotherapy exactly 1 week after the diagnosis.
She's been really tired and a little nauseous since yesterday but she has an extremely strong spirit.

Once the tumour shrinks it will be easier to operate and I trust the op will be a success.

This has really been a huge shock. You never expect this to come into your family
We're all tense but we've also grown so much closer to God. Our faith is strong and it made us realise how unpredictable life is and how important the people around us are. Family is absolutely everything. I care no more for the trivial things that I used to make a priority . My view in life has changed

This will be a difficult time and we might still be fearful because the word 'cancer' scares us.... but we know a much stronger word-GOD 💫💛

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by: Peter

Thank you for sharing your mothers diagnosis. I do hope that the treatment goes well for her. Please feel free to update us on her progress and I would just like to send my good wishes to you and your family.

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