I'M Scared Out Of My Wits That I Have Stomach Cancer

I am scared out of my wits that I have stomach cancer! I have developed a new swelling under my right rib cage, and that area and upper abdomen feel uncomfortable, rather like something shouldn't be there. 

I am aware that it can spread to the liver and this is now concerning me deeply, I actually can't wait until I see the consultant now as I have a desperate need to find out what is going on. 

I don't even know if I've got a tumor, I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet as I haven't had the gastroscopy done, but my mind is insisting on having me believe that it is a tumor! 

Of course, that could just be purely my own anxiety and nothing more, but I just can't get rid of this feeling of "impending doom" which is constantly hanging over me now. 

Is this normal for patients who are being investigated to feel at this stage? I'm just so glad that I found your website, it gives me a lot of comfort just to read it. ANON

About Being "Scared Out Of My Wits That I Have Stomach Cancer

My first plea to you would be not to prod yourself as, in my experience, most people have no idea of what is normal and what isn't!

Gastric malignancies are unusual below the age of 55 years, so if this applies to you, I would immediately think it unlikely (yes, there are cases in younger age, but these are rare in comparison). If you are over this age, even then the chances are that you won't have the condition, but the endoscopy is there to both diagnose and equally to reassure.

To give you an idea of the likelihood of having a tumor I would draw you to the figures from my own practice. Of all patients referred by GPs on the so called 2 week rule (this includes other possible tumors too), where they believe that the person has a potential tumor (because of weight loss, family history, anemia, nausea, vomiting, food sticking etc), less than 10 % will. This means 90% plus won't and that’s a lot of worry for nothing!

Bottom line, try to stop worrying, have the test and see where you go from there.

Finally, thank you for your lovely comments about my site and if you are one of the very unlucky people to end up having the condition, the site will help and support you through the difficult times. Good luck!

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