Stomach Cancer 
And Chest Pain

Stomach cancer and chest pain symptoms are connected because of various conditions that are associated with the tumor.

Below I will show you some of these conditions and explain why they are connected.

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Why Am I Getting Chest Pain?

Probably the most common cause is secondary tumors. When your tumor spreads in stage 4 disease, deposits can occur anywhere including within the chest.

If this occurs in the lungs at the ‘peripheries’, involvement of the membrane that surrounds the lung can give rise to pleurisy, a sharp pain that is worse on taking a breath in.

If you have deposits within the ribs, pathological fractures can occur spontaneously and cause severe symptoms.

Stomach Cancer and Chest Pain

Other Conditions That Cause Chest Pain With Stomach Cancer

Other conditions that can give rise to pain include:

Pulmonary Embolism

A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that can travel through your veins, classically from the leg veins to the lungs where they lodge in the pulmonary vessels.

This can cause breathlessness and pleurisy symptoms which are common to all forms of cancer. If large enough, they can be life threatening.

Low Immunity Can Cause Pneumonia

A chest infection or pneumonia is not uncommon in patients with tumors.

Your immunity is low because of your tumor as well as the chemotherapy drugs that have an effect on the cells that fight off infections.

If the pneumonia involves the pleural membrane, pleurisy entails and can cause symptoms.

Other Stomach Cancer And Chest Pain Associations

Of course, just because you have stomach cancer doesn't mean that you can’t have other causes like anyone else.

Probably the most common of these other than muscular aches is heart related issues.

One of the risk factors is smoking and this is equally associated with ischemic heart disease (angina, heart attacks).

Shingles is a more common issue too, due to reactivation of the varicella zoster virus within nerves. 

This is the same virus that causes chicken pox.

The nerves that supply sensation in your chest pass around to the front in same distribution as your ribs.

Shingles causes blisters and redness of the skin in the distribution of the nerves, giving rise to a ‘belt like’ distribution for the rash.

This form of rash is commonly referred to as a ‘belt of roses from hell’ because of the appearance and the pain.

A collapsed lung or 'pneumothorax' can occur and this can give rise to breathlessness and chest pain.

What Should I Do If I Develop Symptoms?

If you develop symptoms, it is important to have this checked and I would advise seeking medical attention.

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