Stomach Cancer Fundraising?

Are you having a stomach cancer fundraising event? Have you had one and would like to share your day with everyone? Well now’s your chance to have some free promotion!

Yes, I have created this promotional page just for YOU!

Tell us about your special day, provide contact details, dates and times and I will add it to the website for visitors to get involved.

Share Your Stomach Cancer Fundraising Event

Need Some Fundraising Ideas?

If you are looking for some ideas for fundraising, how about these:

  • Throw A Party
  • Do A Sponsered Walk
  • Have  A Fete
  • Bingo
  • Run A Car Boot Sale For All Your Unwanted Items
  • Sell Cakes
  • Sponsered Car Washing
  • Run A Street Collection 
  • Run A Raffle
  • Plant Sale
  • Sponsored Parachute Jump
  • Sell Your Unwanted Books

Hopefully this has given you an idea for your stomach cancer fundraising!

Advertising Your Event

Now that you know what you want to do, it's time to advertise your special day.  This is easy to do depending on your idea. 

Here are some ways you could do this:

  • Word Of Mouth - yes, simply telling everyone you see about it
  • Place  A Card In Your Local Newsagents Window
  • Place  An Advert In Your Local Newspaper
  • Ask Your School To Advertise In Their Newsletter
  • Create A Colourful Flyer To Hand Out To People
  • Contact Your Local Radio Station
  • Social media through Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Ask Your Local TV Station To Promote Your special day
  • Speak To Your Local Church And Ask If They Can Generate Buzz!

Preparing For The Special Day!

There are a few things you might like to consider before your special fundraiser:

  1. A secure collection tin or box - it's important to have something to collect your money in!
  2. Consider using a site such as to collect your money securely
  3.  Sending Out Reminders About Your fundraiser
  4.  Consider balloons and posters to support the day
  5.  Ask for volunteers to help you run your stomach cancer fundraising event
  6. Make sure you have sensible clothing depending on your fundraiser
  7. Ensure that the event runs safely. Consider enlisting the help of local expertise in this area
  8. If children are involved, make sure the parents are also involved too!
  9. Consider insurance cover in case of damage, disruption or injury

Time To Start Stomach Cancer Fundraising!

And finally whatever your fundraiser – Walks, runs, bingo, tea parties, jumble sales or raffles , it's great to get free publicity and you can do so here!

It’s really easy to submit your fundraiser and have your event advertised for FREE on Just fill in the form below and I will do the rest…it’s as simple as that!

Do you have pictures? They are always great to illustrate. Just download them when you tell all of us about your fundraiser and they will be shown too!

Tell Us About Your Fundraising Event!

Just type about your fundraising event, click the submit button and you are done!

And what's more it's FREE advertising for your fundraiser!!!

All ready had your event? Tell us about it, share pictures of your fundraiser and tell us who is going to benefit from it!

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