Stomach Cancer Journey

I am here to help you through your stomach cancer journey from start to finish, giving you the tools to fight this terrible disease.

It’s important to know you are not alone and this is what this website is about.....YOU!

Whether this is through providing quality information you need, empowering you to share your story or just stopping by for a chat – you can do it all here!

Why, because you are special. Special in so many ways:

  • To Your Family You Are Unique And A One Off
  • To Your Friends You Are The Other Half Of A Special Friendship
  • To Your Health Carers You Are Their Target To Get Better
  • And To Us, You Are One Of Our Many Special Visitors, Each One Deserving Of Attention

So, if you have the disease and don’t already know it, YOU really are Special.

Help With Your Stomach Cancer Journey

I have already mentioned some of the ways I can help you. Let me expand on this....

Information And Advice

The world is constantly changing. New research means new ways of looking at the disease and in turn, new treatments.

To help you keep up to date with all this, subscribe to my blog here. This will keep you updated on anything new, including new additions to the website.

Share Your Journey

Sharing your stomach cancer journey is important. It’s important for many reasons including:

  • Keeping Your Friends And Family Up To Date
  • Maintaining A Perspective On Life
  • Having A Diary Of Events Is A Way Of Providing Reflection
  • Educate And Advise
  • Provide Hope And Inspiration To Others

To share your journey, just visit the “Share Your Story” on the navigation bar.

Here To Help You

If you need any advice, you can use the “Ask A Question” facility on the navigation bar.

If you want to ask a simple question and can’t find the answer on the site, I am happy for you to send a message using the contact page.

Social Media

Why not use and like the social media options associated with  We are on all the main social media’s including:

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You can share with other like-minded visitors this way.

I look forward to helping you.

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