IS It Stomach Cancer Or Ulcer?

I am a 65 year old female and worry that I might have stomach cancer or ulcer. 

About three months ago I received bad news that put me into a month at least of eating nothing, maybe toast or a biscuit only. 

I realised that I had to eat so I forced myself to have food and eventually I did get my appetite back. 

Two weeks following this I received further bad news which again threw me back into not eating.

My weight went from 9st 6lbs to 8st 6lbs as it is today. That loss was over a period of roughly three months.

I was nauseous constantly, no appetite and feeling weak. I also have had a feeling in my upper abdomen that’s not unlike the feeling you get when something bad is going to happen or the feeling you get if you were on a big dipper.

I went to my doctor and he advised a blood test. I was told by the receptionist that all was clear except one thing, but she could not tell me and I needed to speak to my doctor. 

I had to wait for an appointment. My doctor examined my tummy which was tender in upper abdomen (although this has now settled).

He said my blood tests were clear, but advised an urgent endoscopy as it is possible I have something nasty. 

No matter what question I asked as to why he might think that, he never really gave me an answer.

I am still unable to eat today and clearly this this news has just made things worse.

I am now awaiting my endoscopy appointment, which I am absolutely dreading. 

I am alone and it is really hard to deal with - I now just have to hope and pray that I am okay. 

I always thought early symptoms of stomach cancer or ulcers might be acid reflux indigestion which I never had.

Once I get my results I will update this post, hopefully it might help someone. God bless all. Trisha, UK

You're Concerns About Stomach Cancer Or Ulcer

Sorry to hear about the anguish you are suffering at present. 

It is always a difficult time, the ‘not knowing’ and wait for further investigation.

Whilst I can’t answer as to what is causing your symptoms, there are many other reasons for experiencing the symptoms you have.

That said, at the age of 65 years and with the weight loss you have had, your doctor is right to refer you for further investigation.

However, please understand that it is only a tiny proportion of those referred that have tumors in comparison to the number of endoscopies performed.

You mention about acid reflux being an early symptom, but in a lot of cases this just isn't the case.

Equally, virtually everyone experiences some indigestion symptoms so it is not a very reliable indicator either and this is the problem with trying to detect these tumors early.

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