Thinking of Stopping Your Stomach Cancer Treatment?

Stopping your stomach cancer treatment may be something you are considering.

There are many reasons why people stop and this should always be done in conjunction with your specialist and your family.

Why Stop?

Some reasons for ceasing may include:

  • You have had enough
  • There is no hope
  • Intolerable Side Effects
  • Complications From Your Tumor
  • Developing Neutropenia (low White Cell Count) From Your Chemotherapy
  • Your Doctor Advises You To

Making The Right Decision About Stopping Your Stomach Cancer Treatment

If you have stage 4 disease and have thought long and hard about this, it is likely that you have made the right decision.

You may be influenced by your doctor’s comments or those from family and friends.

However, no longer having any medical interventions is something only you and your doctor can decide when you have weighed up the options.

Does Stop Mean The End?

No! Just because you decide to end any therapy doesn't mean that there are no other options available to you.

It may be that you are just unable to tolerate your current therapy and your doctor may be able to offer another option.

However, if you have decided to stop any curative or palliative treatment that aimed to prolong your life, you then enter a new phase where therapy is purely directed at symptom relief.

Telling Your Family

It is very important that whatever you decide that you keep your family informed.

Your family are there for YOU and will support you in what you decide.

The love of your family is very important and will be a comfort to you.

What If Your Family Don't Want You To Stop Your Treatment?

First of all, it is your decision not your families as to whether to stop your therapy. Yes, their opinions are very important, but it is you who decides.

There may be a conflict of interest because they don’t want to see you give up and don’t want to lose you either.

Sometimes their emotions won’t allow them to think clearly about the situation and in these circumstances I would always encourage them to talk to your doctor to gain more understanding.

Feeling Content With Your Decision

Once you have made your decision it can be a very poignant moment. 

Feeling content that you have made the right decision can allow you to make plans for how you want to spend your final weeks.

This is a time to reflect on your life, to perhaps put your “house in order” or to enjoy time with those you love.

Whatever you decide, feeling content with your decision is vital.

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