We thought it was an Ulcer

by Telase

My mother had just come home last November. She had a stroke aged 65 years old and was in an assisted living facility at the time. She worked so hard in her rehabilitation to come home. We had the basement renovated so she could move home and try to be as independent as she wanted to be again with me and my family living upstairs.

6 months later, she was in a lot of pain and asked me to take her to the doctor. We go to the doctor they did an x-ray on her ribs, no break (she fell) so we go home. 1 week later she's still having a lot of pain so we went to the emergency room. The doctor noticed that her hemoglobin levels are really low so we're sent away to a hospital in Vancouver (we live 2 hours away), because the doc thinks that she has an ulcer that could be bleeding. I went with her to the hospital for 4 days, and they did a CT scan, and an endoscopy/biopsy of her stomach issue. After looking at her stomach the doctor confirmed they suspect its stomach cancer and advised us to prepare for it. My mother was discharged but hopeful that its not bad, I mean we thought we caught it in time for something to be done!

1 week goes by, our family doctor calls and the results are in. We have to have follow up with the oncologist as its stomach cancer. Stage 4 not operable, with the option for my mother to do chemotherapy, but she doesn’t want to do chemo. Dr. figures she has 4-6 months to live. I'm absolutely devastated. I'm her primary caregiver, I have 3 other siblings, I'm the youngest of the 4. I live upstairs in her house and she has her basement suite in the downstairs. I administer all her meds, my sisters try to help with food but she wont eat sometimes. I feel so alone, and I burst out crying at anytime during the day. I just started a new job 3 weeks ago and I want to quit but my mom doesn't want me too. I feel like if this is her last 4-6 months to live I want to be there for her! but I have two children that need me and they have needs. I'm only 29 yet I feel like I cant let my mom go!

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Be Strong!
by: Brenda Cooper

I am so sorry to hear about the sad situation that is going on in your life. I recently found out that I too have "stomach cancer". I was thinking about you and your mom. I think maybe you should create a Go Fund Me Account: I think you'd be quite surprised at how much financial support you may generate. If it actually works; you will be able to quit your job and be with your mom during this difficult time. I would definitely make a donation!

I've been told that I'm stage III. My doctors want to do a gastrectomy, but need to do a laparoscopy first; to see if the cancer has metastasized outside of the stomach. I pray to Jehovah often for myself and others. Soon all this sickness will be gone; but in the meantime we must take practical steps to help ourselves.
Talk it over with your siblings and see how they feel about the suggestion.

Brenda Cooper

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